Firefox shortcut keys

Firefox  is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox was created in 2002, under the name "Phoenix" by the Mozilla community. So Now here the shortcut keys for Firefox.




Shortcut Manage with Control and Alphabet keys


Ctrl + (- or +)    Increase or decrease the font size


Ctrl + D    Add a bookmark for the page currently opened.

Ctrl + F    Access the Find option

Ctrl + H    View browsing history.

Ctrl + I    Display available bookmarks.

Ctrl + J    Display the download window.

Ctrl + K or Ctrl + E    Move the cursor to the search box.

Ctrl + L    Move cursor to address box.

Ctrl + N    Open New browser window.

Ctrl + O    Access the Open File window

Ctrl + P    Print current page or frame.

Ctrl + T    Opens a new tab.



Shortcute Manage with  Control and Shift Keys


Ctrl + Shift + B    Open the Bookmarks window

Ctrl + Shift + J    Open the Browser Console

Ctrl + Shift + P    Open a new Private Browsing window.

Ctrl + Shift + T    Undo the close of a window.

Ctrl + Shift + W    Close the Firefox browser window.

Shift + Spacebar    Moves up a page at a time.



Some more shortcute keys for Firefox


Ctrl + F4    Closes the currently selected tab.


Ctrl + F5    Refresh the page


Ctrl + Enter    Quickly complete an address


Ctrl + Tab    Moves through each of the open tabs.


F5    Refresh current page, frame, or tab.

F11    Display the current website in full screen mode

Esc    Stop page or download from loading.

Spacebar    Moves down a page at a time.

Alt + Home    Open your home page.