Open Live Writer Shortcut Keys

Open Live Writer  is a desktop blog-publishing application . Open Live Writer is a fork of Windows Live Writer which is widely use by blogger all over the world. Its is compatible with WordPress , Blogger, and . Today we have come up with the best Keyboard shorcut for Open Live Writer.




To Manage with Control and Alphabet Keys


CTRL + Z    To Undo

CTRL + V    To Paste

CTRL + X    To Cut

CTRL + C    To Copy

CTRL + B    To Bold

CTRL + A    To Highlight and select all text

CTRL + S    To Auto Save

CTRL + F    To Find a word or phrase

CTRL + H    To strikethrough

CTRL + K    To Insert Hyperlink

CTRL + L    To Insert Image

CTRL + Y    To Redo

CTRL + O    To Open Drafts

CTRL + P    To Print the post


CTRL + N   To Create a new post



To Manage with Control and Shift Keys


CTRL + SHIFT + P    To Publish the post

CTRL + SHIFT + V    Paste Special

CTRL + SHIFT + C    To Set Category



For Changing Heading  with Control Keys


Ctrl+Left Alt+1         Heading 1

Ctrl+Left Alt+2         Heading 2

Ctrl+Left Alt+3         Heading 3

Ctrl+Left Alt+4         Heading 4

Ctrl+Left Alt+5        Heading 5

Ctrl+Left Alt+6        Heading 6



To Manage Text with Control Keys


Ctrl+B                   Bold the text

Ctrl+U                  Underline

Ctrl+Shift+L        Bullets

Ctrl+E                   Center  text

Ctrl+L                   Align text left

Ctrl+R                  Align text right