How to Add Your Location to a Google Map : Put your business on the map

How to Add Your Location to a Google Map is a question that every individual think . Sharing your place in Google Map will increase your visiblity to a larger place. Nowdays every one has smartphone its has google map in Built if a person want to search some place he will definatly search the google map and if your place is located in google map then your place will shown to user as per his search quaries. Do you want to share your place with world and increase your productivity just add your place in Google Map and see the result. Here we provided you with a very simple seven step to add your place in Google Map.


#1 Log in Google Map Maker using your own Gmail account.


#2  Find your place and area on Google maps.


#3  Now Put your address on search box And Search it.


#4  Click on “My places” of left column.


#5 Now click on red button “Create map” on below “My places” button.


#6  Click on “Add place mark“ blue symbol.


#7 Put in title and Description of popup window. And then click OK button.


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