Drawings Tips 5

reativity can be a spontaneous and unexpected impulse, but most often it is
the result of hard work. In any of its forms, it is the channel through which
artists conceive and execute their work.
Drawing is the foundation of the visual arts and an essential tool for the
communication and expression of artistic ideas. It has always been the central
discipline for learning art, and today’s most outstanding artists continue to see it
as the axis and engine of their work. Every work of art has its origin in drawing
and, very often, this is also its culmination.
This book is the most complete compendium of the materials, procedures, and
techniques of artistic drawing. Its four sections focus on different themes in
drawing, and compile technical and practical questions that artists face, whatever
their degree of experience or professional skill.
The book can serve as a practical manual, as a reference book, or as a source of
suggestions and inspiration, thanks to the wide number of works reproducing every
theme and style that it contains.