400 BBQ Recipes: Barbecue sauces and dry rub recipes for bbq ribs

Low-calorie, easy, flavorful recipes that will leave your family asking when you found time to become a professional chef.
This is a mega bundle of Eddy Matsumoto’s best-selling and award-winning BBQ recipes.
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50 BBQ Sauce Recipes
50 Dry Rubs for Ribs
50 Dry Rubs for Pork Shoulder
50 Dry Rubs for Pork Chops
50 Dry Rubs for Chicken Breasts
50 Dry Rubs for Chicken Drumsticks
50 Dry Rubs for Steak
50 Marinades for Steak
“These BBQ sauces should be bottled and sold at Whole Foods.” – Kayla Hunt
“Six stars out of five. That’s how good they are.” – Las Vegas Barbecue Legend, Winston “Smokey Mike” Negreanu.
“Eddy Matsumoto comes up with original and killer recipes. He’s a stone-cold pit boss.” – John Hayes (Memphis BBQ Pit)
“Easy and delicious.” – Robert Conway
“Very good marinades.” – Boris Vorobyev
“I started using these marinades and now people think I’m a steak wizard.” – Joey Bing (Guardian BBQ)
“These chicken recipes are the best thing that ever happened to my kitchen.” – Angela Gintos
“I’m enjoying these dry rubs very much!” – Beth O’Brien
“This manual is going to change the way we think about chicken breast.” – Rona Rose (Wisconsin Food & Wine)


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