How to boost your internet speed

The web browsing speed can be utilized to the greatest degree which one’s web benefit supplier is giving by taking after the underneath steps, which essentially isn't utilized to the fullest level due to reasons like of DNS and so on. Changing of the DNS of the current benefit supplier to the quickest DNS servers of the ones like of OpenDNS or Google open DNS will do the desired trap.


This speeds up the stacking time taken for the webpages which r browsed. DNS Servers are utilized by the web association to the correspondence between a space title and IP address corresponding. It in fact makes the browsing of the web less demanding utilizing space names instead of arrangements of numbers. At whatever point you call a page, pictures that are stacked or download records, a DNS server is utilized.



  • Upgrade your Internet Device/adapter.


  • Upgrade your network adapter or router.


  • To speed up your Internet connections you need virus-free computer. Viruses and malware could slow down your PC performance.


  • Upgrading Internet service will do a lot to speed up your connections.


  • Optimize your computer and operating system.


  • Run Disk cleanup or other tools regularly.


  • Delete temporary files & also Internet browsers cache occasionally