How to Uninstall InTune From an Android Device

Microsoft Intune may be a item from Microsoft which makes a difference organizations oversee get to to corporate apps, information, and assets. Company Entry is the app that lets an representative of a company, safely access those resources. The Intune Company Entrance may be a gives get to to corporate apps and assets from nearly any network. The Company Entry App is introduced as a Gadget Chairman.  In this manner, the uninstall prepare is somewhat distinctive from that of normal Android Apps. In this post, we might not cover the installation or the arrangement of the app which ought to in a perfect world be setup with the assistance of the company's IT back.

In this post, we should see as it were the uninstallation handle in Android gadgets.


  • Open Android Settings on your phone


  • If you can search in the Settings, search for "Device Administrators", or "Administrator" etc. The actual placement of the menu may vary from device to device.


  • Within the "Device Administrator" settings, the "Intune Company Portal App" should be listed as "Device Administrators".


  • Uncheck or un-select - whatever the options are available on your device and accept any prompt actions to Confirm the deactivation


  • After that, uninstall the "Intune Company Portal App" like any other Android App or uninstall from Google Play Store.