How to remove my adhaar card from Paytm - Delink your Aadhaar from Paytm account

 Recent orders from the supreme court have made it clear that citizens are no longer required to link their Aadhaar Card Details with their Digital Wallets, Bank Account, Mobile Number, etc.

If you have already shared your Aadhar Details with paytm for KYC then don’t worry as in this Article I am going to share How you can Remove your Aadhaar/KYC from Paytm Account Easily.Aadhar linkage with the bank accounts was made obligatory by the Indian government. But the later Supreme court decision has turned around the law and made it discretionary.

Most of the Indian citizens had connected their Aadhar card with their accounts citing the law, but presently since the law is discretionary, individuals don’t how to unlink the Aadhar number from their bank accounts and advanced wallets. Underneath we are going be clarifying how to unlink Aadhar card from Paytm so merely have a brief understanding into the strategy.

How to remove my adhaar card from Paytm
Delink your Aadhaar from Paytm account

  • Call the Paytm customer care number 01204456456

  • Now inform them you wish to unlink Aadhar card.

  • Then you have to send a request mail to Paytm.

  • Paytm customer care will reply to your mail asking you to send an updated photo of Aadhar card with a clear picture so that they can process your request.

  • Now you need to reply to the email by attaching a clear photo of Aadhar card having a clear picture of yours.

  • You will now receive a confirmation mail from them stating that they will unlink your Aadhar card within 72 hours.

There might be some difference between process of delinking for every service provider. Because as of now there are no standard rules set up for delinking. So, you may directly contact the customer care of the service provider and they will guide you on the exact process.